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We Need You for Season Two

Our second season of woodland survey in the Rusland Horizons Scheme Area is quickly approaching and we are now recruiting volunteers. The first season, which ran between April 10th and May 10th 2017, was hugely successful with a total of 216 hectares of woodland surveyed in full or in part, leaving us with 196 unexplored hectares to be surveyed this year, which we can’t do without your help.

The most common features that we found and recorded last year were charcoal pitsteads; the level earth platforms created for burning circular stacks of wood during the process of producing charcoal. They were so common in the Rusland Valley that we recorded 161 of them! ‘Pitstead’ is the term used in Cumbria to describe the platforms, in other areas they may be referred to as charcoal hearths or stacks. The pitsteads come in two distinct types; one is a circular area of cleared woodland, the other is more oval in shape and they tend to be cut into a slope creating a very visible profile. The freque…

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