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Season 1 (2017) survey report online!!

The Season 1 report is now online if you would like to read up about our findings. To download your free copy follow the below link: Rusland Horizons Woodland Survey Season 1 Interim Report

We surveyed 216 hectares of woodland last year, in full or in part, recording an amazing 272 previously unknown historic features. All were post-medieval in date, the majority relating to charcoal production. In total a 161 charcoal ‘pitsteads’ were identified and recorded, most of which were cut into the sloping valley sides to create distinct earthwork platforms, some with stone-revetment walls. These were linked together by a network of tracks and transportation routes. Other features included a number of relict walls, associated with ownership or tenancy subdivision or possibly the coppice cycle of cutting, growing and harvesting. Nine woodsman's huts. were also identified used seasonal by charcoal burners and/or bark peelers, and perhaps their families. These structures varied in form, but …

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