Monday 10th April

We started off on Monday surveying the eastern section of Great Arklid Wood. Thanks to Ken, Geoff, Lily and Tim for coming out to help. The day started with a quick introduction to woodland survey and reading through the all important risk assessment... be especially careful of those nasty ticks!

Now who had the camera last?
We then commenced walking transects through the conifer plantation. This was pretty relentless but did provide an opportunity to fine tune the methodology and brush up on those orienteering skills. Thanks to Tim and Lily for sharing their woodland management skills and knowledge of the surrounding flora and fauna. Clare in particular was thrilled to find some fox bones! Once the field archaeologist, always the field archaeologist.

No real finds of note, although we did record a section of pre-enclosure boundary wall and associated track. Prior to the planting of the conifer plantation, in the late 20th century, the area had been open pasture and moor. Nothing of interest was visible on any of the historic OS maps, the exception being a t-shaped agricultural building - probably a field barn. This remained in-situ, although in a semi-ruinous state.

Overall a good day that served as a useful assessment of potential survival rates and visibility in conifer. Following discussions with John Hodgson we have decided to focus our efforts now on surveying the mixed woodland, or those areas of conifer were activity is shown on the historic OS. I hope Lily and Time will get a chance to come back later in the season to record some more interesting archaeology. Geoff and Ken, we will see you next week.

Recording underway while Kate (sitting down) assesses progress on the map

Ruins of the farm building. Structure appears on the first edition OS.


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